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Vote House in Fandom March Madness

Mods, please delete if this isn't allowed! I did look through the rules and interpreted them (hopefully correctly!) as this being okay~

As you may/may not know, Fandom March Madness is currently nominating fandoms for this year's showdown! Now, I know I don't need to tell you guys why House deserves to be in the competition (some reasons include: the opportunity to stan our favourite asshole, his boyfriend, and the love of my life Amber Volakis, amongst others! Can you tell that this list is about me); sadly, however, it doesn't seem to be doing well by way of votes & has basically no presence that I could see in the comments. :(

So please, if you think any of the characters in House is the best thing since sliced bread, hop on over to f_march_madness and vote House in the Drama category to sure we get a chance to stan our favourites! It's breaking my heart a little to see this beautiful corner of fandom so under-represented.

Other Desert Cities with Michael Weston at the Mark Taper Forum

Written by Jon Robin Baitz

Directed by Robert Egan

Mark Taper Forum

Nov 28, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013                                                                            


It’s Christmas Eve in Palm Springs when Brooke presents her Reagan-adjacent parents with a tell-all confessional novel that turbo-charges the holidays and the Wyeth family dynamic with ever-shifting alliances and politics.

Pulitzer Prize-finalist Jon Robin Baitz’s smart new play of high drama, serious laughter and repartee that dazzles and decimates was one of the hottest tickets on Broadway last season.

Set in the desert playground so familiar to Southern Californians, Other Desert Cities will seem right at home on the Taper stage when former Taper Producing Director Robert Egan (CloserArcadia) continues his longtime collaboration with Baitz (in Los Angeles: Film Society and Ten Unknowns).


credit: julie_izumi

House M.D. Project


Video Documentary/Commentary

A AleTheHOUSEwife, NCISmelanie and Katrindepp Video Project

Powered and Produced by HouseDailyDose

[H]OUSE fans, our show is coming to an end: this is the right time to be part of something memorable for us all and for the House cast and crew. That is why we are asking for your participation in the HOUSE MD SERIES FINALE PROJECT, a video commentary to the show.

What is a video commentary? It’s a fanvid, which is what we have loved to do all these years, but with the addition of music and your voices.

So, what makes House special to you? What will you remember the show for?

Tell us by answering our questionnaire (found here: http://thehousemdproject.tumblr.com/) and send the recording to TheHouseM.D.Project@gmail.com.

credit: julie_izumi

House M.D. Sub-specialties

All of the characters have their chosen sub-specialties. Why do you think they chose them?

House - Infectious Disease and Nephrology
Wilson - Oncology
Cuddy - Endocrinology
Foreman - Neurology
Chase - Intensive Care
Cameron - Immunology
Thirteen - Internal Medicine
Taub - Plastic Surgery
Kutner - Sports Medicine
Adams - ?
Park - Neurology
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