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What got you into House?

I've heard a LOT of people say "I don't like doctor shows but I like House," which (generally) rings true for me, too (I say generally because I like Scrubs, Black Jack, and Trauma Center too. XD;)

So what got you guys into House, MD? I wanted to see it when I first heard about it -- something about a "rogue doctor, doesn't follow the rules..." and fangirly me was like "Hey, cool, that sounds like Black Jack!" And I reeeeeally wanted to see it. And then hearing about how cool it was from my buddy at school (if she's reading this she knows who she is :B) only made me want to watch it more X3 Although I didn't actually watch a full episode until YEARS later because I can't catch things on TV for the life of me. Which is what DVD boxsets are for :D

So, what was it that got you guys into House? Hear it from a friend, catch an episode on TV and fell in love? Or were you just into medical shows and wanted to see what this one was like? <3

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