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Vote House in Fandom March Madness - House Fans
Vote House in Fandom March Madness
Mods, please delete if this isn't allowed! I did look through the rules and interpreted them (hopefully correctly!) as this being okay~

As you may/may not know, Fandom March Madness is currently nominating fandoms for this year's showdown! Now, I know I don't need to tell you guys why House deserves to be in the competition (some reasons include: the opportunity to stan our favourite asshole, his boyfriend, and the love of my life Amber Volakis, amongst others! Can you tell that this list is about me); sadly, however, it doesn't seem to be doing well by way of votes & has basically no presence that I could see in the comments. :(

So please, if you think any of the characters in House is the best thing since sliced bread, hop on over to f_march_madness and vote House in the Drama category to sure we get a chance to stan our favourites! It's breaking my heart a little to see this beautiful corner of fandom so under-represented.

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