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House Fans

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House M.D. Fans
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This is a community for Fox's new show, House M.D. Please check out the official Fox site, http://fox.com/house for more information!

Feel free to post anything House related in this community, from news to fanfic and even icons and of course, recent episodes!


1. Remember, this community is for discussing the show, so please keep short, squee-age posts to your own journal. This includes posts along the lines of "Tonight's episode was awesome!". However, you're more than welcome to post your thoughts about an episode (reviews, dicussions about certain scenes, etc.) as long as you use an lj cut and a spoiler warning until 24 hours after the episode aired. Any posts that either of the moderators do not feel will result in much discussion will be removed. I'd like to remind that those of you who prefer a single post for each episode with discussion going on in the comments might want to check out house_md. They practise that method while we prefer the "free reign" approach.

2. We get that Hugh's eyes are very pretty and he's pretty hot and British. Believe me, it has been said numerous times. So please, please refrain from reminding us. If you must mention it, please do so in your own journal or in the plethora of communites dedicated to Hugh and his eyes, hotness and his Britishness. Thank you.

3. We'd like to ask all community members to avoid posting paparazzi photos, as we feel this is a violation of the actor's privacy and do not wish to condone it. We will, however, accept posts from gossip magazines and sites (ie. Star, Us Weekly), just no posts with pictures of Hugh walking his dog or Jennifer going to the gym. If you have any questions in regards to this rule, please contact either of the moderators.

4. It'd be greatly appreciated if icons and graphics were posted in their respective communities. For those of us who have many of the House communities friended, it can get a little annoying seeing the same post several times in a row because it has been cross-posted everywhere.

5. Lastly, we ask everyone to remain polite to one another and remember to post anything containing spoilery information/pictures, large or multiple images be placed behind a lj cut.

That's all! Happy posting :)

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